A virtual coaching and editing service for your educational and professional goals.


I specialize in offering virtual coaching and editing services.
Clients may choose between FaceTime or Skype.

Sessions are 60 minutes each and can incorporate a combination of the services below. There is no set number or frequency of sessions.

Preferred method of payment: Venmo

Launched by Linda Model

Launched by Linda Model

Career Coaching

To discuss self-exploration, career planning, goal setting, and decision making. 

Personal Branding

To design your personal brand, including updating and maximizing use of Linkedin to market self for professional opportunities.

Resume Editing

To update and refine resume format and content in detail. 

Cover Letter Editing

To refine and tailor to a position. Must have specific job description ready.

Interview Preparation

To review interview etiquette, polish professional demeanor, and rehearse responses to common interview questions. 

Essay Editing

To review content, structure, style, tone, and completeness of essays used to apply to graduate school programs and scholarships. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take insurance?

  • No, because I purposefully keep my fees low to make my services affordable, particularly for students, unemployed clients, freelancers, and career changers.

How much do you charge?

  • $100 per hour, preferably paid through the free app Venmo BEFORE your scheduled session.


Do you do therapy?

  • No, not traditional mental health counseling. I do have a master’s degree in psychological counseling and in depth training in advising and coaching, so I incorporate all 3 approaches in my Launched by Linda model (see top of page).

How many sessions will I need?

  • It’s completely up to you, the client. Many clients only want one session. We can do as many sessions as you need, as often as twice a week. Some clients come back after months or years for further services.

What do I need to prepare?

  • Please come with readiness to honestly examine yourself and openly talk about your goals, frustrations, strengths, fears, etc.

  • If you request resume/cover letter edits or a mock interview, please have a job description for the kind of position you’re seeking.


When are you available?

  • I have a full-time job as a Career Director at a university in Utah so all sessions will be in weekday evenings and Saturdays.

Where will we meet?

  • All sessions are done virtually through video calls via Facetime or Skype.