It is truly a joy and honor to be part of each client's journey in advancing their education and creating a meaningful career.

Yucong Weng


Linda is very effective in coaching. She inspired me to think about it first and then gave me useful suggestions and strategies on how to cope with the current situation. After the session, I felt I knew where to start and how to engage [in my job] more.

Kevin Eastley


Linda was able to quickly get to know me, make educated suggestions for occupations that would fit me, and encourage me to act on those suggestions.



I highly recommend using Launched by Linda. Linda is amazing and very professional. She asks great practice interview questions, and gives honest feedback to help you improve. I cannot say enough good things about this experience! I still remember it months later as the things learned there continue to help me. She helps you get the job you want, not just another job.



I have had the pleasure of working with Linda since I was a graduate student at Columbia University. She has helped me to organize my resume, to write my cover letter, and to conduct a mock interview which helped me boost my confidence through an intense job hunt. With the support of Linda I was fortunate to get the career position of my dreams soon after graduation. I would definitely continue to seek the support from Linda as I continue to grow professionally.

Jason Fackrell


After having the opportunity to work with Linda on several occasions as one of her clients, I happily recommend her as an outstanding career counselor. Transitioning careers after an extended stay with the same company is a very formidable challenge professionally. I entered graduate school to open opportunities in a different career field, and in the post-graduation phase of the experience, I found that the job-searching and resume writing methods I used many years ago were not getting me noticed by potential employers for job interviews. Despite years of hard-earned career and academic success, I found marketing myself to be a very perplexing problem, and my best attempts to self-teach this skill weren’t yielding much in the way of results. A bit frustrated, I began looking online for professional career counselors who might help me find the traction I needed to improve my self-marketing skills. I discovered Linda’s counseling company, Launched by Linda, and found her expressed values and counseling method to be very much appropriate to my disposition and needs. 

Linda is not only highly competent at what she does, but she also proved very approachable and kind. She helped me specify my strengths and improve my self-understanding so that I could better articulate how my skills may translate to employer needs. I also very much appreciated Linda’s ability to provide accurate feedback in a positive but forthright manner. She offered excellent suggestions to improve my cover letters and gave me spot on suggestions that significantly improved a couple of presentations I put together for my latest job interview. I was confident in the resulting presentations I carried to the discussion and pleased with how I performed after counseling and practicing with Linda in preparation. The job search strategy I employ now is night and day different from my previous approach, and I am beginning to see a much better response rate from potential employers. Thank you for your help, Linda! 

Lisa Kell.jpg


I called Linda last minute to ask her to help me finish and format my resume. It turned out more professional looking than I could have imagined! I gained so much knowledge about resume editing, because she is a natural teacher and equips her clients with knowledge and skills to succeed. I appreciated her flexibility when I was under a time crunch. Thanks again Linda!


I recommend Launched by Linda to anyone looking to spruce up their resume, cover letter, or in need of coaching. She is amazing! My husband and I have used her services a couple times now and are always so pleased. She didn't just edit them but, gave specific points for improvement. I can't imagine applying for a job or college or anything without having her take a look at my documents first. If you need career counseling or anything don't miss her great expertise and amazing rates!


In the year of 2014, my employer at the time announced a merger with a larger company and a relocation to another state. I was committed to not only find a new job before October of 2014, but to also boost my income by 30%.

Linda Flores challenged me to recreate both my resume and cover letter. Her contribution resulted in clear, concise, and credible documents which eliminated redundant information and included summarized accomplishments. Essentially, I landed the best job of my career to date thereby avoiding unemployment and boosting my income by 45% (more than I had planned). I was highly complimented for my resume and cover letter after receiving the job offer.

I acknowledge Linda Flores for her support and for her commitment in assisting me to fulfill my career dreams. Her ideas are a clear example of the phrase "Good writing is good thinking made visible." I am deeply grateful for the service she provided by helping me advance to the next stage of my career.


Linda breathed life into my resume! She is constantly researching current trends in resume-writing – so I didn’t have to! She condensed all the research into one succinct checklist. She had great suggestions and really brought my resume up-to-date. Her resume is pristine – a perfect person for the job of resume-reviewing. She answered my follow-up questions promptly and always had a good attitude about the process. She didn’t just review my resume – she taught me in the process, helping me to learn and really reflect on my experience. A professor recently told me that about half of people lie on their resume. It's refreshing and comforting having someone you can trust and who can accurately accentuate your best qualities and pertinent experience. Let Linda launch YOU into your perfect job!



I met with Linda Flores to discuss my career ambitions, and how those weighed on my academic journey, during what I would call a mid-degree crisis. I found her to be very understanding of my perspective, and then helped me dig deeper, to help me discover answers and progress on my own - all in an hour session! She also offered suggestions of where to start, and helped me map out steps along the way. She is doing a great job!


I needed resume and essay editing for graduate school and I knew Linda was the person perfect for the job. Linda is a very resourceful editor who helped me improve my resume and essay exponentially. She gave me detailed descriptions of what I needed to improve and add in my documents. I also used my new edited resume to apply to jobs and received more calls back. I am very grateful for all the hard work she put in my documents in order to get them ready for my graduate application. I have no doubt I will come back to Linda for any other document editing needs I may have in the future.



Thank you Linda for helping me by editing my little sister's college application essays. Here is her response:

Hey got the essays just fine and I love them! I will go make all my revisions today and get them off! First I want to thank you for taking them so seriously in asking someone who you knew could do it better. That meant the world to me. Will you also please give a very heartfelt thank you to Linda for me. What an amazing lady she must be. She is a great writer for sure! I love all the comments she suggested. The essays flow much more smoothly now. She even gave me some great tips of what the "admissions committee" is looking for and it will help me with everything I will write in the future. (Its kind of like when you told me the structure for a good talk!). I would so love to use her skills in the future for job applications and important papers. I will be happy to ever do anything to help her if I can! Wow I am so grateful and feel very confident that I tried my best thanks to you and Linda.

Stephen Clawson photo (1).jpg


I hired Linda to edit my resume and she could not have been more helpful. Linda is a true professional. She stays current with formatting trends and is a very effective communicator. She is prompt and her suggestions are clear and honest. Within one edit she was able to take my resume to the next level and I could not be more satisfied. It's hard to go wrong when you CHOOSE LINDA! So glad I came to you, Linda!



I highly recommend Launched by Linda. Not only is Linda a freelance career coach, she is also a Career Counselor at Columbia University School of Social Work. When I was applying for graduate school programs, I needed help updating my CV for my different applications. I sought out help from Linda and wasn't disappointed with the advice I received. 

She told me what admissions committees look for and what small edits I could make to my CV to make it more appealing. After reviewing my CV she suggested a few key edits that made the document easier to read, more organized, and highlighted certain positions, skills, and awards I received. Her expertise was very helpful.

I'm so grateful for Linda's insight, it really helped me in the admissions process. I am still waiting to hear back from all of the graduate school programs I applied to but I recently found out I was accepted to Columbia University School of Nursing's Masters Direct Entry/Doctor in Nursing Practice program. Thank you Linda!


Linda was very professional and was very quick to respond to my needs and she gave me great information! I had a resume that was in desperate need of attention and she was able to give me clear and precise advice and comments on how I could amend and improve the look and detail of my resume. Frankly, I was surprised by the level of detail of her comments on how I could fix things and why certain fixes were important, and she also provided an exemplar/rough draft of what exactly it could look like with these changes. I'd recommend her to anyone (especially students) who really need help improving their resume. Thanks Linda!


I reached out to Linda when I needed help with my resume. She got back to me in a heartbeat! I'm so glad I got a fresh perspective on things I could change or edit. I'm so happy with the way my resume looks now! I could tell she really cared about helping me. She was detailed and available for questions and follow-up. I recommend her services hands down! Thank you so much Linda!!


Linda has edited my college papers, resume, curriculum vitae, and dental school application documents for over 4 years now. She has ample experience and has been fundamental in helping me get accepted to the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine, and A.T. Still University Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health. Thanks to her tips, I could take my pick of where I wanted to attend graduate school! In addition, because of her editing skills and personalized advice, I have been hired at practically every job to which I have applied. Her help has been one of the best career investments I could have ever made. Thank you very much, Linda!


I don't know Linda personally but I was advised to get help from her with my college application essay and I gotta say, Linda has insane skills. I not only received great advice from her, but she even took the time to rearrange my paragraphs and even sentences within the paragraphs not only to make it flow better but to make my application more interesting. Then, she taught me some cool tricks about sentence placing to make an essay more fun to read. So basically, with Linda's magic I felt very confident and satisfied with the essay that I turned into the college. I also know that if anyone is looking to get into a college that they are desiring to go to, they HAVE to get their essay edited by Linda because her skills are beyond professional and she will put in just as much time to help you as a family member would because she really cares about your success. Thanks Linda!


Linda did a great job reviewing my resume and personal statement for a post-graduate program I applied to. I definitely recommend taking advantage of her services!